VM Custom Field Price Based on Mathematical Sign (Percentage,add,Multiply,subtract)

VM Custom Field Price Based on Mathematical Sign (Percentage,add,Multiply,subtract)
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Using this plugin you can perform mathematical operations like Percentage,  Multiply, Add, Subtract custom filed value with main products. For example: If your main product is Business Card & Standard price is $10. But in your custom field you want to put 2 sided color option & that will be 20% extra of main price. With this extension you can do this easily :).

Follow this procedure:

> Download the plugin & install that using Joomla extension manager.

> Now go to "Plug-in Manager" & Search for " VMCustom - Custom Price Based on Mathmatical Sign" & published that.

> Now go to "Custom Field" menu from virtuemart & Click on "New" button from top.

> Now select "Plug-ins" from "Custom Field Type " & put anything "Title" in title. Now very bottom choose "VMCustom - Custom Price Based on Mathmatical Sign" from "Select a plug-in ".

> There you will see 2 text field "" & "Options" . Put Title like: Special or color etc & in "Option" put the necessary option separated by comma(,) like: 2 sided color, advance color etc.

> Now Go to products menu from virtuemart & open existing products or create new one. From product edit area click on "Custom Fields" tab & choose custom field title that you just created :) from "Custom Field Type" drop down.

> You can see that 2 fields with name "Custom Field Based on Math Sign". In "Selections seperated by comma. " filed input will like this:

OptionName|MathSign MathNumer,OptionName|MathSign MathNumer

For example: My Option name: 2 sided color

Math Sign: +%

MathNumer: 20 (because I want to add 20% extra price with main product)

2 sided colo|+%20

again for special color: +30%


special colo|+%30

So I will put in "Selections seperated by comma. " like this:

2 sided colo|+%20,special colo|+%30


If you don't want to increase price then put simple option name like

1 sided color,2 sided colo|+%20,special colo|+%30

Supported Math Signs are:

Percentage: +% or -%

Add: +

Multiply: *  (this sign can put from your keyboard number 8 button)

subtract :  -

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