Vm Product Anywhere (Show virtuemart product anywhere in Joomla)

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With this plugin you will be able to show your virtuemart products anywhere in Joomla. With this plugin you can show products in other component like K2, easyblog or other popular Joomla components. User will be able to add the products into cart. Just install the plugin & published that from plugin manager & use this line : {VmProductAnywhere id = 72,6|show=x} in Joomla content or any other Joomla post. Here id 72 & 6 are products id. You must put those ID with comma(,) separated. The value of show can be either x or y. Check the demo for more detail understanding. This plugin will work both in Joomla 2.5 & 3.X. VM 2.X or 3.X

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