Virtuemart Digital/Downloadable Product Sell

Virtuemart Digital/Downloadable Product Sell
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Do you want to sell mp3, pdf, video, zip, doc or any other downloadable files using virtuemart? If so, this extension is for you :). Virtuemart has a very good functionality to add downloadable products for sale but don't know why the developers haven't give any option for selling downloadable products. Don't worry ! you can use this extension for that purpose. You can add any files (If Joomla allow) & can sell them using virtuemart. You can set up expiration of the download link. You can set up expiration type to days, month, years & lifetime.

Have you downloaded the extension from this site? If not just click on download button & let's get started.



Same as other extension. Go to the Joomla extension manager & install it by uploading the zip archive in your sever.



1) First of all you will have to upload file that you want to sell from "Media Files" of your virtuemart shop. Follow this:

You can upload as many files as you want but you will need to put unique name for each files.


2) Now go to "Custom Fields" Manager of your VM & add a new custom field. In this case it should be plugin as type. Follow this:


3) Now it's time to add that custom field to your product. Go to Product Manager of your VM shop & add a new product or can edit existing one. Click on "Custom Fields" tab from edit environment & add custom field. Follow this:

4) Done :). Check from the font-end & Enjoy :)


Common problems:

Q: Why I am getting this error: "Warning: File ........ uploaded for security reasons!" ?

Ans: This is because that file type isn't allowed by Joomla. You can add that extension type in Joomla upload allow list.

Go to: Content > Media > Options

Add your uploaded file's type here: "Legal Extensions (File Types)". Now click on Save button & try to upload the file again. Hopefully this will work :)




Still having problem? Please write in the forum.

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