Virtuemart Shipping Based on State/Province/Division/District

Virtuemart Shipping Based on State/Province/Division/District
Joomla 3
VM 2
VM 3
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With this plugin you can easily set shipping charge on the based of State/Province/Division/District. You can choose multiple state from same or different country. This plugin will work on Virtuemart 2.X, 3.X & Joomla 2.5, 3.X.


Support: VM 2.X, 3.X, Joomla 2.5. 3.X



> Shipping charge based on states.

> Multiple state selection from same country.

> Shipping charge based on zip code, weight, maximum/minimum products, order etc.

> Free shipping amount.



1) Go to Joomla "Extension Manager" from back-end of Joomla.

2) Click on "Browse" button & choose the zip archive that you downloaded from our site. Now click "Upload & Install" button to install that. It should be install & you can see like this message:


3) Now click on Plug-in Manager (check above image) & search for "Vm Shipment plugin Based on States". You will need to Published that plugin.

4) Now go to "Shipment Methods" of Virtuemart & click "New" Button from top.

5) Now check the bellow screen short. Put any name in "Shipment Name" & Select "Vm Shipment plugin Based on States" from "Shipment Method" drop down menu. Now click on "Save" button from top

6) Now click on "Configuration" tab. From there choose country & you will see all the states' list bellow of the country. Choose state name by click on them. You can choose multiple state by pressing Crtl button of you tab & click on the state name. Now click on Save button. Remember if you don't click on save button state won't be selected.

7) After click on Save button it will look like this:

8) Now from bottom you can insert "Package Fee" that's the shipping cost that will be added in the cart if people choose those state during checkout. You can put other logic like weight, zip etc.

9) If you did everything click on "Save & Close" button. That's all. Enjoy :)

Note: You will need to select at least one state to make this extension workable.  If you choose only country & not choose state from the list this extension won't work.

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