WeChat Payment (微信支付) Plugin for Hikashop

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WeChat (微信) is the most popular social network in China. WeChat also offer to pay using WeChat wallet. Using this plugin you can easy accept WeChat payment for your Hikashop e-commerce site.

This plugin will use "Native" trade type. Using this feature after checkout one QR code will be generate with price & user can scan that code using their mobile device. After scanning code they will get option to pay. After payment WeChat will send confirmation notification to your hikashop e-shop & will confirm customer's order. More details here: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/api/native.php?chapter=6_1

支付二维码 打开微信扫一扫二维码 确认支付页面 用户确认支付,输入密码 支付成功提示


Configuring plugin is very easy. You will need to apply for WeChat api first. If they accept your application then they will give you App ID, Merchant ID & API key. Just put those information to the plugin & Enjoy :). You can read more from here: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/api/native.php?chapter=3_1

APPID: appid是微信公众账号或开放平台APP的唯一标识,在公众平台申请公众账号或者在开放平台申请APP账号后,微信会自动分配对应的appid,用于标识该应用。可在微信公众平台-->开发-->基本配置里面查看,商户的微信支付审核通过邮件中也会包含该字段值。

Merchant ID (微信支付商户号): 商户申请微信支付后,由微信支付分配的商户收款账号。

API key (API密钥): 交易过程生成签名的密钥,仅保留在商户系统和微信支付后台,不会在网络中传播。商户妥善保管该Key,切勿在网络中传输,不能在其他客户端中存储,保证key不会被泄漏。商户可根据邮件提示登录微信商户平台进行设置。也可按一下路径设置:微信商户平台(pay.weixin.qq.com)-->账户中心-->账户设置-->API安全-->密钥设置

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