BigBlueButton Extension for Joomla (2.5 and 3.X)

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This extension can connect your user with BigBlueButton server from joomla. You need to setup a BigBlueButton server to use this extension. You can see server configuration documents from here:

To test the extension, you can use this open server to configure and test your setup:

salt: 8cd8ef52e8e101574e400365b55e11a6

Demo info:

You can test demo from left side module:

Moderator Password: moderator

Attendee Password: Attendee


Github Link:


You can perform following function:

  • Create a Meeting (Both normal & recording)
  • Join a Meeting
  • End a Meeting
  • Is Meeting Running
  • Get Recordings
  • Publish Recordings
  • Delete Recordings

How to use this extension?

> Download the zip archive. It's a Joomla package. It's content one component & one module. Both will be install automatically when you will install this package. Note: This extension will work on both Joomla 2.5 & 3.X.

> Now go to Components Manager & select "BigBlueButton".

> From Component click on "Options" button from top. In there you have to put server URL & Salt. Without this information you can't connect with your BigBlueButton server.

> Now add your meeting name, moderator password etc..

> Go to module manager. You can see "BigBlueButton" module. Open it & placed it in your template position. That's all...


Community Support:!topic/bigbluebutton-users/2KR17pYPh70

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