Limbomedia server integration plugin for Joomla

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With this plugin you can use Joomla authentication with limbomedia server. If any user get registration in your Joomla site limbomedia will be update with same user information. By the same time if any user login to your Joomla site that user will get automatic access to limbomedia server too (information need to be same in both).


> Can use same information for both server.

> Can disable to unable user from your Joomla user management panel.

> Can delete any user from Joomla also will effect on limbo server.

> Automatic login with single Joomla login panel but domain name must need to be same. For example if your Joomla domain then your server should be in same domain or subdomain like otherwise this feature won't work. If you want to test with localhost then please use firefox otherwise follow this:



> Download zip archive & install it using Joomla extension manager.

> Now go to plugin manager & search with "Limbomedia" & click to open.

> You will need to put server URL with port. Example: You will need to put one user information who has ROLE_ADMINISTRATION privilage.

> Publish the plugin & ENjoy :)


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