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With this module you can add unlimited streaming mp3,mms,asx or any kinds of streaming radio station even can play your own mp3 songs. This module won't reload the full page but only the player so it's fast. It's very easy to install & configure. I have used responsive MediaElement.js player with bootstrap cool CSS :). You can play the radio in popup window so that you can navigate the browser to elsewhere :)

Supported type: mp3, mms, asx or any kinds of streaming radio station or mp3 file.

For playing mms:// link you will need silverlight.


Github Link (Latest Version): https://github.com/jibon57/Hoicoi_Radio

Troubleshooting & General Setup Questions:
> Can add any online radio station. Examples:;stream.mp3,;stream.mp3, etc
> Can add local mp3 or other audio files. Example: http://YOUR_SITE/FOLDER/FILE.mp3
> Support directory reading. It can scan all the files under a directory & will add all the files under a playlist. But don't forget to use "local" as channel name. All the folder should be located under Joomla installation directory. For example: images/mp3, images/bengali, media/bengali etc.

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